Friday, 23 February 2018

Week beginning 19th February 2018

Hello Everyone,

This will be a very busy and fun-packed half term. We have already started to rehearse for our production of 'What a Knight.' We have the trip to The British Museum on Wednesday 28th February and on 1st March it is 'World Book Day.' The children can come to school dressed as a character from a story they enjoy. It would be great if they could also bring the book that they have chosen in to school that day as each child will be given the opportunity to talk about their character and give us a short review of the book.
This week we have been learning place value of decimal numbers and the children spent some time on mathletics, which is so beneficial to their learning. It allows for the opportunity to consolidate what they have learned in a fun way. The more they can do this at home the better!
For English we have been looking at poetry and the children have learned the ABCD rhyme scheme. They created their own rhyming poems which were fun to read and share.
We have begun a short project on The Winter Olympics as we will be creating a display for this. We have learned about the Korean flag and how North and South Korea have united for The Olympics. The children understand the meaning of the five Olympic rings  and are producing the flag as part of the display. They have learned the meaning of the symbols on the flag. We will focus on figure-skating and will creating paintings of the skaters.
The children researched the process of mummification, which was a little gruesome (so most of them loved it.)
For geography we have been looking at world news and reporting our findings.



We will be learning to tell the time with the 24 hour clock and using am and pm correctly. We will be converting pm times to 24 hour clock times. We will move on to calculate intervals of time and solve problems that involve time.
We will also be covering perimeters of rectilinear shape and measuring length using cm and m.


The children will be continuing to look at poetry and verse on Monday. The rest of the week we will concentrate on our chosen text 'The Iron Man.' The children will have several activities to carry out with regard to the text, such as a comprehension exercise, creating a new story opening and making a story board to re-tell the story.

We also have 'World Book Day' on Thursday, therefore, we will be sharing our favourite books and discussing the characters.


We will be on our trip to The British Museum on Wednesday and this will bring all the research and discussions to life for us! We will be looking at the ancient Egyptian artefacts, The Rosetta Stone and there is even a mummy or two to have a look at.


Each week we will be watching the news and the children will have to take notes and report back either verbally or in written format.


The children will begin to draw and paint figure-skaters using splash painting to create an abstract finish.


We will begin to learn the songs for the school production and some of the children will be rehearsing the dances. A few children have small speaking parts in the play, so they will be called to work with Year 5 in the hall.


We will be looking at materials and the changes we can make. We will focus on whether the changes are reversible or irreversible.

I hope you have a restful weekend.
Ms Davis

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Week beginning 5th February 2018

Lots to share this week!

We have covered so much around shapes, lines, symmetry, angles and properties of shapes this week. The children have enjoyed this mathematical topic. We will finish off with a quiz tomorrow to see how much they have remembered.
Year 4's creative side has come to the fore this week as they have written poems about 'The Iron Man.' I will put them up in the classroom as they are so proud of their work. They have used interesting and descriptive vocabulary, similes and rhyme to produce some amazing poems.
For RE we learned about The Five K's in Sikhism and we had great fun dressing up!
The children have completed their Egyptian booklets, which are interesting and informative. They learned how to create a blurb and contents page for their books, which will also be on display in the classroom.
Two of the children surprised me when I asked them to count some batteries one lunch hour. Suddenly an 'Iron Man' was produced.

We have also had lots of models created at home, which are amazing! The children get so excited and glow with pride when they bring their models in to share with the class. They are on display at the front of the classroom.

Tomorrow we will be sharing poetry as the children will be reading their poems to the rest of the class.

Second Half of Spring Term

When we return from the week's holiday we will be continuing with our history topic on ancient Egypt. There is plenty of time to continue making models to bring in to our museum.
In mathematics we will be working with data and measures. We will be continuing with shape and securing number facts, calculating and relationships.
For English we will begin the term by working from one book 'The Iron Man' as the children will be writing character descriptions, a story ending and working on comprehension activities. We will move on to persuasive writing which will be fun because we can have a debate! We will also be returning to poetry at the end of term.
In Science we will continue to explore states of matter.
For D and T we will be starting a project on food and nutrition.
We will be using data in ICT and working on cross curricular projects.
For Geography we will be looking at the news. The children will love this as they have a particular interest in current stories. We watch a news programme once a week at the moment and they are particularly skilled at re-telling what they have found out.
Our RE topic will link well with our work on food for D and T as we will be looking at the importance of food in religion, focusing on the Sikh and Christian communities. This will lead into The Last Supper story as it will be close to Easter.
For PSHE we will be looking at staying healthy and this will also link with our other topics.
The children are extremely excited for the trip to The British Museum on 28th February and know so much about the ancient Egyptians that everything they see will be very relevant.

I wish you all a happy and healthy half-term holiday and look forward to seeing the children after the break.

Ms Davis

Friday, 2 February 2018

week beginning 29th January 2018

Hello Everyone,

The children have been working hard this week. We have been identifying angles and lines in maths and many children were able to move on to the next set of tables/divisions, so I know they have been learning them well.

We have had a poetry week and learned how to write haikus, kennings and shape poems. There were many different features to take into account, but they all produced some funny and happy poems.

We are continuing our project on ancient Egypt and the children should bring a letter home Friday, regarding the trip to The British Museum. They are all very excited for the trip and have learned so much already. We have had some amazing models made at home, with mummies popping out of tombs and all sorts! It has been great fun and the children feel so proud when they bring their work into school. As it is open afternoon next week you will be able to come and see the work that has been produced.

In PSHE we are working on resilience. The children understand what this means and they have been talking about becoming more independent as they move up through the school.

We can say and write the date in Spanish now and the children are learning how to tell you when it is their birthdays!

Next week


We will be working on symmetry next week and the children will find the line symmetry in shapes and be able to draw symmetrical shapes.
The children will be dividing by single-digit numbers and recognising remainders. Mid-way through the week we will be moving on to factor pairs and using these to solve multiplication and division problems. We will be finding compliments to 1000 and change from £10, £20 and £50.


Our focus will be on punctuation next week, while we also continue to look at poetry. I have begun to read 'The Iron Man' by Ted Hughes and there is a wonderful poem called 'The Cometh of The Iron Man,' which we will discuss and interpret. The children will be looking at the different features of the poem and this will be followed by them writing their own 'Iron Man' poems.


We will be continuing our project on ancient Egypt and next week's focus will be banquets, crafts and war. The children will also be continuing their power point presentations.  One group has completed their presentation and shared it with us last week. It was of a high standard and they were very proud of their achievement.


The children will continue to use the internet to gather information for their power point presentations and it is Internet Safety Day on Tuesday so we will be having a lesson on safe use.


Our focus is still on saying and writing the date and the time, plus to be able to say when it is our birthday.


We are continuing our still life theme as the children enjoyed the session we carried out this week.

It is sharing assembly on Monday. Please refer to my blog giving you the dates, but letters have been sent home.

I hope to see you on Wednesday as the children have so much to share and feel proud of. Until then I wish you a restful weekend.

Friday, 26 January 2018

week beginning 22nd January 2018

Hello Year 4 children and parents,

We had a wonderful treat this week as the nursery children came to us and performed 'The Three Little Pigs.' They were so excited by our performance of 'Room On The Broom' that they wanted to create their own play and show us! It was lovely to see how articulate and confident they are and we all enjoyed it very much.

Many children have not been taking their spellings home, and therefore they have not been learning them. They are given their spellings on a Friday morning and I usually ask them to put them in their bags at the end of the day, but many have been forgetting so from now on I will ask them to put them in their bags as soon as they receive them. I hope this is helpful.


We have completed our work on play scripts and next week in English we will focus on poetry. The children will be writing haikus, kennings and calligrams. We will also cover comprehension, shared reading and work on conjunctions.


This week the children have learned how to multiply by 10,100 and 1000. Some children went on to learn division with 10,100 and 1000. We also worked on multiplication using the grid method. We learned the 8 points of a compass and how to use co-ordinates on a map. The children were able to plot where they wanted to bury their treasure and their friends had to guess the co-ordinates.
Next week we will be starting work on angles, lines and symmetry. Many children are now learning their tables and divisions and are progressing well. It does make a huge difference when they work on them at home as well as at school.


The children were able to sort solids, liquids and gases into appropriate catagories this week and learned that clouds are made up of all three. Next week we will be carrying out an experiment to find out which solids turn into liquids.


We are learning how to ask what the date is and to be able to tell the date. We are therefore learning our numbers to 30.


We are thoroughly enjoying our ancient Egyptian project. The children are making their own information books and  power point presentations on this subject. After half term we will be going to The British Museum to see The Egyptian Galleries and they will get first hand sightings of all the artefacts they have there for us to discover.


We are looking at belonging and this week we focussed on groups we belong to, such as family, school community, Brownies, swimming clubs etc We also looked at how Sikhs feel a sense of belonging because of their faith. Next week we will be studying festivals and celebrations and how they link to our images of God.


We will continue to focus on the work of Van Gogh and still life drawing.

I hope you have a restful and happy weekend.

many thanks
Ms Davis

Friday, 19 January 2018

Week beginning 15th Jan 2018

Hello Year 4,

We have had such a busy week. We have so many exciting activities going on! The children have really enjoyed rehearsing the short plays of 'The Room on the Broom.' One group have already performed to another class, who were very impressed!

The children developed their expression and drama skills. They have really enjoyed this topic.
We have carried out research for our ancient Egyptian project and the children are creating power point presentations to share with the class. The Egyptian masks are completed and there is a new display in the classroom, where you can see the work they have produced.
Next week
The rest of the groups will be performing the plays to the children in KS1. I will take some more pictures and put them on next weeks blog.
For English we will be writing our own plays  and focussing on using the characteristics of play scripts that we have learned.
For maths we will be working on number bonds and tables, including division. the children are really making progress in this area now and working on them at home does make a huge difference. Every child has a tables/division set to take home, which they need to return the following week.
We will also be working on maths seeds and mathletics next week. These programmes really do support the children's learning and if they could spend some time on this at home as well their progress will be increased.
For Science we will be continuing with materials and trying a 'balloon blow up' experiment which will be great fun.
We will be continuing to work on the power point presentations about ancient Egypt as the children are working in groups, therefore they each have a different area to cover. This can then be presented to the rest of the class.
For Spanish we will be having conversations in groups, using the phrases we have learned so far. We will also be learning to count to 100.
We will be continuing to look at 'belonging' in RE and particularly within families and communities.
In Geography the children will be locating Egypt on a world map and be focussing on The River Nile.
We will be looking at the work of Van Gogh and his still life art. We will then be drawing our own still life pictures.
I hope you all have a restful weekend.
See you on Monday
Ms Davis

Friday, 12 January 2018

Week beginning 8th January 2018

It has been a very busy week and we have lots of exciting ideas for this half-term's activities.
We are beginning to work in groups to perform plays and Mrs Pittson has made beautiful masks for the children to wear. This helps them get into character. The play is a version of 'Room On The Broom' by Julia Donaldson. They will all be given a script which they can take home to learn if they choose to. We have also watched 'The Gruffalo' another story by this author and the children have re-written this story in play format. This was a great success and they can name several similarities and differences between a play script and a story.
Next week the children will be creating their own play as well as working on the performance of 'Room on the Broom.'
We have started working on ancient Egypt and the children have learned so much already. as they are so interested in this topic they are retaining all they have researched and learned and can probably tell you quite a lot already. They colour coded a map of Egypt with a key. They have learned about the climate and why The River Nile is so important. They have been discovering similarities and differences between Egyptian houses long ago and our homes now.
In maths this week we have covered a lot of mental strategies. We are concentrating on tables and number bonds on a daily basis for those who need it. Please ensure your child uses the cards to practise them at home.
We are working on adverbs and the children were able to add many to their sentences this week.
Next week we will be focussing on conjunctions and using them to extend sentences and make our writing more interesting.
For Art the children have begun to make Egyptian masks which will be some collage work. This will be continued next week.
For RE next week the children will be focussing on belonging as we were not able to carry this out this week.
I thought it might be fun to send you a few pictures of our year so far as we are going to create a class scrapbook of all our topics. You can see this when you come in to look at the children's work.

We have had great fun so far and we are looking forward to creating more memories this term!


Thursday, 4 January 2018

Happy New Year

Welcome back,

It was so wonderful to see the children this morning and share their enthusiasm for returning to school.

I would like to thank you for the special gifts and treats that the children brought in for me at Christmas. Mrs Pittson and Mrs Farrell share my feelings on your kindness and generosity.
I certainly had a very special holiday with such wonderful treats!

To begin I will explain that there are changes to the PE timetable as swimming is no longer part of the Year 4 schedule.
At the end of the day on Mondays it will be football.
There will be a half hour session on Tuesday mornings.
On Wednesday PE at school will replace swimming in the mornings.

I have discussed this term's topics and areas of study with the children and they are very excited. It is a fun term as we will be learning about the ancient Egyptians for history and geography. Due to the huge success of the previous homework challenge I have suggested the children make a model (using
any materials) of something that represents ancient Egypt. As we begin working on the topic at school the children will gain more knowledge and understanding which should inspire them to create an exciting model. I know that this may require your help and as a class we do really appreciate the huge effort that is often made.

This topic also initiates a trip to The British Museum as they have a wonderful collection of artefacts from this period. I will send you more information about this once it is booked.

For literacy we will begin by becoming familiar with the features and layouts of plays, including writing plays and performing a play to the younger children in the school.

In maths lessons the children will be starting be rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100, 1000 and 10 000. We will be adding and subtracting 4-digit numbers mentally, counting on and back and explaining and predicting patterns.

For art we are starting to make Egyptian masks which will be a collage effect using a variety of materials.

In RE the children will think about belonging and belonging to a faith. We will then focus on belonging to the Sikh faith and what signs of belonging we notice.

For Spanish the children will be learning how to ask when it is someone's birthday and how to say when it is their birthday.

We will use ICT to research our topic on ancient Egypt and the children will work on group projects which they will be presenting to the class.

In Science we will be carrying out lots of experiments as we find out more about materials and their properties.

If you would like further information about the curriculum being taught this term please come and see me after school any time.

For those of you that were due to attend the sharing assembly that was postponed due to heavy snow, it will be carried out on Monday 15th January at 8.55am. I hope to see you there. I know the children are keen to share their work.

Many thanks