Friday, 13 October 2017

Week beginning 16th October 2017

Hello Everyone,

We had an exciting science lesson this week as we turned our bodies into the digestive system and teeth. The best way to explain this is to show you the photos from the lesson.

We had great fun and the children know the journey our food takes now!

They lay in a long wiggly line to show the length of the small intestine and one child travelled through the large intestine which was an amazing journey!

We have been learning to measure in mms, cms and metres and have been estimating how long different areas of the school are.

We have completed our mythical stories now and they are adventurous and magical. We used adjectives and adverbs to make them exciting and we created dramatic opening lines to entice our readers.

Half of the class are working on their plates in the sculpting lessons and the plates produced so far are colourful and bright.
 We have been studying the work of the artist We have been studying the work of the artist John
Dilnot and used his box idea to create this display of our relationship with our planet. We incorporated recycling and littering to demonstrate how we can help or hinder our world.

Next week we will be working on subtraction in maths, the skeleton in science and timelines in history.

We will be planning our route to school on maps of Potters Bar for Geography and working on adaptability in PSHE.

Our literacy work will include connectives, spellings, punctuation, handwriting and creating plays from the myths and legends we have learned this year.

I hope you have a pleasant weekend and I look forward to seeing you for our parent/carer consultations.

Friday, 6 October 2017

Week beginning 2nd October 2017

Hello Everyone,

We ended the week on a wonderful note! The children who have been attending the sculpting class were given their plates this morning! They are absolutely beautiful. the designs are all individual and they have been glazed so they are shiny and attractive.

The second half of the class were thrilled that today they were able to start their sculpting sessions and in a few weeks they will also receive the finished products.

We are lucky to be able to continue with the sculpting as the children will go on to make pots befor the end of term.

The plates will soon be on display in The Reception Area. If you do not come into school that often I will photograph the display and the John Dilnot art display that the children created last week.

We have been continuing with our Potters Bar project and are delighted by the wonderful models and posters that have been made at home. We will be creating a museum to which you will be invited soon.

We have been working on time for this week's maths and I would like to ask that you do ask your children to tell the time whenever you remember.

Next week we will be moving on to measures and continuing place value and addition.

Many of the children are not secure in their 5 times table, so I have sent packs home for them to use for this purpose. They do need to be able to recall their tables rapidly.

The children wrote diary entries this week. They put a great amount of effort into this and are beginning to use punctuation throughout their written work. The diary entries will be on display in the classroom for you to see.

The children write a book review for Cat in the Hat by Dr Seuss and this was a huge success and something they really enjoyed. We have a 'Book of the Month' board and each month we will critique a different book.

We did some map work this week and the children were able to locate landmarks on a map of Potters Bar and many found the roads they know and recognise. Next week we will plan a route on the map.

We are reading The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe, which they love and when I explained that Edmund had eaten the Turkish Delight many children did not know what this was so I have promised to bring a box in as a treat next week.

If you do not want your child to have any Turkish Delight please let me know.

We will be working on apostrophes next week and the use of adverbs and adjectives within their writing. They will be writing their own mythical story which will be filled with rich vocabulary and description.

I look forward to meeting with you during the last week before the holiday. Please return your slip if you have not already done so.

Have a great weekend break.


Friday, 29 September 2017

Week beginning 25th September 2017

Hello Everyone,

We have had such a busy week. This began on Tuesday when we took our trip to Potters Bar Museum. The children listened to accounts from people who have lived in Potters bar for many years, including someone who lived through The Second World War. They found this fascinating and were able to try on Warden's hats and go through the museum trying out phones from the past and much more!

On Thursday we had a dentist and dental nurse visit as we are studying the human body and are currently working on teeth. The children had so many relevant questions and learned everything they need to know about keeping their teeth healthy.

We have also been learning how to multiply 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers and working on our tables and number bonds. Please ask the children to top up on this at home. I have sent cards home with their tables and number bonds for them to use.

The children are completing their work on myths and legends next week and will be writing a story to encompass all there understanding and planning.

We will be creating diary entries for children who lived in Potters Bar many years ago.

We will continue our study of the human body in Science and use ICT to research the facts we need to learn.

The children have learned a new activity to help them remember their punctuation. I am sure they will give you a demonstration of 'Kung Fu Punctuation' if you ask them.

I hope you have a restful weekend.


Friday, 22 September 2017

Hello All,

It has been a really wonderful week. The children are really settling well into Year 4 and are beginning to take on more responsibilities and manage their time effectively. We have been working on time management and independence since the start of term and the children are making good progress in this way.

This was 'maths week' so we worked in different investigations and challe
nges. The children had to work together to solve problems and discuss how they found the resolutions.

We have continued to work on myths and legends and the children will complete this next week by writing their own stories.

The children are very interested in their local area and thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Oakmere Park. They learned more about 'The Zepplin Crash' and the species of birds that inhabit the park.
We covered all of Oakmere and Parkside and finished up at the totum pole!

Next week we will be going to The Potters Bar Museum on Tuesday morning and we have a visit from a dentist and a dental nurse on Thursday morning for a lesson on teeth and how to look after them.

On Thursday The Book Fayre begins and runs for 4 days. The children will be given the opportunity to go and look at the books before the sales begin. they have taken home a leaflet which explains it in greater detail and shows examples of the books on offer.

Next week we will be working on multiplication and division. The children have all been given times table, division and number bond cards to take home and learn for the tests on Fridays.

The children are given 15 spellings to learn each week. It is important that they do learn these words at home. we do a certain amount of work on them at school but the help at home improves their performance on the Fridays.

The children learned so much about their local environment and how to look after it. they asked countless questions on the trip. They saw different types of fungi, water birds, identified several trees and plants and were fascinated by the geese who seemed to be having a race in the lake!

I am sure next week's trip will be just as informative and exciting.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Hello Parents and Carers,

We have had such a busy week, learning about place value in maths, continuing our myths and legends project and studying the history of Potters Bar.

The children had a real treat as Mr Burridge was able to come in and take up 'the hot seat' as they fired questions at him. It gave the children the 'personal' perspective of someone living in Potters Bar many years ago.

On that note I would like to explain about all the trips and visitors we will be privileged to be part of this half term.

  • This Friday saw the start of sculpting lessons which are being taken by a teacher from another school who specialises in art. half the class took part this morning and this will be rotated so that all the children can experience this wonderful opportunity.
  • Thursday 21st September we will be taking the children to Oakmere Park to encapsulate some of  the history and geography of Potters Bar. We will set off at 9.30am and will return before lunch.
  • Tuesday 26th September is the day for our trip to Potters Bar Museum. We will be walking there and back and I have booked a talk about World War Two and how it affected Potters Bar, plus there will be lots of time to browse around the museum and ask questions.
  • Thursday 28th September I have booked a local dentist and dental nurse to come in and talk about the reasons why our teeth are different shapes and sizes and also to go over how to keep teeth healthy.
As we are studying the local history of Potters Bar I have suggested that they make models of anything from the last 100 years that resembles and reflects our history. They can create power points or posters . It is their choice, but models are preferable as we hope to create a mini museum in the classroom. 

I hope you all have a super weekend and look forward to seeing the children next week.

Friday, 8 September 2017

Welcome Back Everyone,

We have had a wonderful start to the year! The children have settled well and tell me they were a little worried at first because everything would be different, but that they feel more comfortable already.

This week we have been carrying out lots of 'getting to know each other' activities and team building games.

We have been working on number bonds to 10, 20, 100 and 1000. Please go over these with the children at home. They will tell you which challenge they are on. The children will be given sets of number bonds cards to take home if they want to.

Next week we will begin to learn our times tables and each child will be given a set of cards to take home to help with this process.

We have also been working on myths and legends and the children have been concentrating on the features of these tales. We will be continuing this work next week as we are gradually building up the features to create a full story.

If you have any myths or legend stories at home the children would love to hear them.

We are working on the history of Potters Bar, so if you have anything of interest please send it in.
For part of this project we will be visiting Potters Bar Museum, later this term.

For art we will be creating a display which depicts the children's concepts of re-cycling so please send in items such as, sweet wrappers, sweet packets, plastic bottles, cereal boxes, newspapers, magazines, silver foil items, empty tins or cans or anything else that the children can use in their interpretation of re-cycling.

The children should be bringing home a reading book every day and should read daily.

They will be working on their handwriting twice a week and we will do number bonds and tables practice daily.

Our Science topic is Animals (Including Humans) and we are concentrating on teeth at the moment. We hope to have a dentist and dental nurse visit us for a detailed explanation of their functions and how to keep them healthy.

For PSHE we are working on resilience this week. If you could discuss examples of resilient celebrities or people the children know that would be great.

Thank you for your help and I look forward to getting to know you all.

Ms Davis

Monday, 17 July 2017

Week beginning 1oth July

Hi Year Four,

I do apologise for the absence of last week's blog.
I am not quite sure what happened to it!
It was a wonderfully busy and fun week though. We all enjoyed talent night! The children had a fun party for Lily and they spent their pennies at The Apprentice Challenge.

We worked hard as well as having fun and completed our poems in Word. The whole class created a poem called 'The Magic Box' which is made up of each child's verse, so is a great memory for them. They will be bringing a copy home this week.

This week we will continue as usual, spellings and tables should still be learned and lessons will carry on, with end of term activities in between.

For maths we will be revising angles, lines, symmetry and shape.

In our literacy lessons we are going over fronted adverbials, writing a diary for a character in our class novel and finishing with a summary of their thoughts from Year Four.

We have a final Hindu story to share, which is Krishna and The Serpent King.

We will be drawing our favourite characters from the class novel and the children will continue with their Summer holiday patterns.

For Spanish this week we will be learning 'holiday vocabulary,' which may come in handy if any of you are visiting a Spanish speaking country!

We are looking forward to having fun this week as there are extra activities and shows to watch.

I will create another blog at the end of the week with some pictures from this Year Four!

Please can the children bring plastic bags to school on Friday as they will have a few things to take home.

many thanks
Ms Davis