Friday, 22 June 2018

week beginning 18th June 2018

Hello Year Four,

As you know I was unwell at the beginning of the week but was pleased to see all the plans carry on swimmingly without me. The children have continued to work on multiplication and division. Many children have achieved their 12 times table and divisions now and can rapidly recall any table. It really does help to do this at home regularly. I have made sets of cards for the children to use at home and there are plenty of games on mathletics and maths seeds that will help them.
We have been working on explanation and information texts this week as the children have been writing about a variety of animals. They are using sub-headings and bullet points to organise their writing.
The Monet art has been completed now and will be displayed in the corridor at the end of this term.
We are continuing to learn about the Anglo Saxons and the children have been very keen to understand what they wore and how they can replicate the clothing for our special day. We discussed this at length today and they have drawn pictures and labelled the items to share with you at home. Otherwise you can look on the internet as there are many examples. Just log into Anglo Saxon clothing KS2 and you should get lots of images. You do not need to buy costumes, these can be made up of long skirts/dresses, head scarves and belts. The boys can wear belts with buckles and tunics (old baggy t-shirts.)
We also had an extremely enjoyable sports day on Thursday. The children thoroughly enjoyed it and the weather was beautiful.
Next week I hope to see you all on Wednesday morning or Thursday evening for parent's consultations. If you have not yet booked an appointment with me please see me so that one can be arranged.
I hope you can enjoy the sunshine that we have been promised this weekend.
Many thanks

Friday, 15 June 2018

Week beginning 11th June 2018

Hello Year Four,

We have had a busy but wonderful week because we began our topic on The Anglo-Saxons and there is so much to cover and the children are so interested in how they used to  live. They retained so much of the information they researched and produced some excellent work!

We have also started our Monet pictures. They have had a go at using he little brush stokes he used and how there were only certain colours available to mix. They have started the final paintings by creating a green and blue background ready for the very famous Water Lilly Painting.

We have also covered shape and coordinates in maths. We worked on translations of shapes and the names and properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

We had a class debate on Monday and this developed into the children writing a letter explaining their point of view on a subject and being able to offer a solution to one of the opposing views. We also worked on possessive apostrophes and comprehension.

We will also have a busy week next week!


We will be multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, adding fractions with like denominators, dividing by 10 and 100 up to 2 decimal places and will be having a times table and division challenge.


The children will recognise the key points of an explanation text and recognise that evidence needs to be produced. They will work on alternative explanations and what an explanation is based on.. They will go on to use the features of an explanation text to plan a piece of work.
Towards the end of the week we will be recognising how we relate to poetry through a series of activities.


We will continue our work on electricity by learning the symbols used.


This week we will move on to looking at religion in Anglo-Saxon times. The children will research trade and look at maps to find out where they would trade and why.


The Monet impressions will be completed. A display will be put up in the corridor at the end of term so that you can enjoy this work.


We will be working on food and drink again this week.


The children will be introduced to mindfulness activities and suggestions for a calm sense of being and ways to relax.

I hope you all have a restful weekend.

Many thanks

Friday, 8 June 2018

Week beginning 4th June 2018

Hello Year Four,

It has been such an amazing week. It was officially art's week and that meant the children were involved many different activities. We still managed to carry out maths and English lessons though!
We created beautiful ink drawings of poppies which will be on display at Elm Court at the Carnival on Sunday. I hope to see many of you there because we will be parading with the children and the poppy wreaths they created.

I hope you were able to attend the dance performance today as the children worked really hard and had to use their listening skills to the best of their ability this week. They learned so many different dances and had to remember one for the final performance.

I have taken many photos of the children dancing, but have been unable to load them onto my laptop. I will try again next week.

We will begin new topics next week.


The children will learn how to use coordinates to draw polygons. I will teach them how to produce a variety of charts and graphs to present information. They will need to think about scale and the most prominent way to share their results.


We will be having a debate on Monday, which will be followed by a lesson around presenting for and against arguments. They will need to be able to reflect on the opposing view and mention it when they write letters.
We will also be focussing on reading and comprehension.


The children will begin to consider what they do know about The Anglo Saxons, what they want to find out and will reflect on this at the end of term to assess whether they have learned all they wanted to.
Part of this topic includes a visit from a company that produces Anglo Saxon/Viking workshops in schools. I will send more details nearer the time. If the children would like to take this project further they can produce a power point from the research they collect at home. This will be the homework for the term.


We will be learning the names of Spanish food and drinks and how to ask for what we would like. We will also be able to explain what our favourite food is. If you are heading for a Spanish speaking country this Summer this could be helpful!


We will be studying the work of Claude Monet and from there we will create a class painting of The Water Lillies. The children will be learning new painting techniques that is particularly helpful for impressionist paintings.
We will move on to printing and work on patterns towards the end of term.


as we continue our focus on Christianity, Hinduism and Sikhism we will be observing and understanding how people of faith communicate their beliefs through sacred spaces, worship, prayer meditation and stillness.
The children will be able to describe why and where worshippers connect to prayer and worship. They will experience periods of stillness and quiet thought and where appropriate express personal reflections.


This term we will be learning about electricity. We will begin by learning the history of electricity and the symbols used. We will be having practical lessons so that the children can produce circuits and learn how switches work.

I hope you have a restful weekend. I hope to see you at the carnival!

Many thanks

Friday, 25 May 2018

week beginning 20th May 2018

Hello Year Four,

What a busy, but successful week!
The cake competition was a huge success. Every group went over to the nursery to make and bake their cake. The children had spent a long time thinking of ideas and planning their cakes, which all had to have something to do with Year Four.
We had The Little Heath cake.
The Friendship Cake, which was based on a wonderful book we are reading in class called 'Wonder.'
We had The British Flag Cake based on the fact that we studied  the local history around World War Two. Another group chose a fairy tale theme as we have been looking at traditional tales this term. One group did not like cake so they used brioche and created The Dragon Cake from the time we studied myths and legends. Finally a group created The Kindness Tree cake which represents how we have been focusing on being kind to one another at school. We have a 'kindness tree' in the classroom which the children attach little notes to when someone has been kind to them.

The children were really excited by this project and we were all surprised at how well they stuck to their designs and how delicious the cakes tasted.
Mrs Farrell and Mrs Pittson took the lead in managing this project so that while children were baking I was able to continue teaching without disruption to our timetable.
The children were so proud of the finished cakes and enjoyed a tea party once judging had been completed.
The winning cake was The Friendship Cake as the judges felt that the sponge was soft and delicious and the characters on top were really well made. However, they explained that the choice was tough because all the cakes were of such a good standard.

Friday, 18 May 2018

Week beginning 21st May 2018

Hello Year Four,

We have spent a lot of time this week working on different projects. We have incorporated our PSHE work on 'who I am' into art. This has been very interesting and the children were able to use colours, shapes, patterns, animals etc to express how they see their personalities. This work will be part of a display and will be in the corridor for you to see at some point next week.

The first group baked today! The children were very excited. Unfortunately they did not have time to decorate the cake today as it had not cooled down sufficiently. The rest of the cake swill be made next week. On Thursday 24th May the cakes will be judged at 2.15pm. Following this we would like to invite you all to tea and cake as a celebration of their creativity and design skills. A letter will be sent home with the children next week.

We have been working on mental addition and subtraction this week, which is to be continued next week.

For English we have continued our poetry games and have begun to write a rhyming poem about our memories in a magic box. The verse they have produced is wonderful. It is a joy to read and share.
as it is open evening next week you will have the opportunity to come and read your child's poem.
Next week will be very busy as we continue with the baking design challenge, have the mini marathon at Oakmere School and continue with our lessons before the holiday.

I hope to see you at both or either of the events next week.

Enjoy a sunny weekend
Ms Davis

Friday, 11 May 2018

Week beginning 7th May 2018

Hello Year Four,

We have worked really hard this week and managed to complete several projects. We have finished working on traditional tales and the stories we created are on the walls in the classroom.
We have continued to work with decimals and fractions, so next week we will be adding, subtracting and multiplying mentally, looking for patterns and solving problems.
we have begun looking at poetry again and next week we will be using the ideas of Pie Corbett who offers a bank of games and lessons to promote creative writing whilst having lots of fun!
This week the children brought their special books from home and it was wonderful to hear the stories behind the memories. This was part of our RE work as we understand why sacred books are so important in different religions.
We have continued to learn features of the face in Spanish.
Our new Design and Technology challenge has become a source of great excitement. The children spent a long time planning their cakes for the bake off! Here are some photos of their work.

These plans have been carefully put together. The theme is 'Year Four at Little Heath

The bake off will begin at the end of next week and will be judged on Thursday 24th by three creative bakers.
The children have written a short account of the reasons they chose the themes and what their cakes represent. These will be on display next to the cakes on the final day. You will get the opportunity to sample your child's cake as they will be bringing a piece home to share with you.
I wish you all a restful and happy weekend

Thursday, 3 May 2018

Week beginning 27th April 2018

Hi Year Four,

We have had a very practical week! We have been reciting traditional stories, acting and videoing the performances. It has been great fun!
We had four children attend the technology challenge at Oakmere School. Five local schools took part and our children came second, so they were really pleased with their efforts!

They created a roller coaster and had to work well as a team, with limited resources. They thoroughly enjoyed the challenge and were so proud to return to school with the completed model.

We have been working on decimal numbers again this week and the children are much more confident with this now.
For Religious Education we are learning about the special and sacred books and scriptures in religions. I have asked the children to bring a special book into school. It can be a book that has sentimental value, a story that was read to them many times, or a gift that they treasure. We will be carrying out this session on our first day back next week (Tuesday) so if your child would like to find something from home please encourage them to do so.
The children are thrilled that we are going to have a  Baking Challenge in Year Four and they are working on designs, flavours and decoration in groups. The challenge is for the cake to represent something we have learned in school this year. We are currently at the stage of deciding which topic or book etc to use.
We have completed our Traditional Tales Project and are moving on to poetry for the rest of this half-term.
They had a really fun Spanish lesson this week, learning body parts. Mrs Farrell found an excellent video of a Spanish song naming the body parts and the children learned them quite quickly after that!
We will be continuing our study and comparisons with Chembakolli this week and for maths we will continue with 2-place decimals and equivalent fractions.
I hope you all enjoy the break and look forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

Ms Davis