Friday, 21 April 2017

Week Beginning 17th April 2017

Welcome back,

The children were keen and ready to begin the Summer Term! they have worked hard this week as we have been working with place value, multiplication and division with 10,100,1000 and 10 000.

They thoroughly enjoyed designing advertisements and using powerful persuasive language to entice their readers!

The children enjoyed their first week of tennis and are looking forward to the Summer sports.

Next week we will be covering the following:


The children will be writing a letter of persuasion to a local council regarding plan to build on a nature reserve. They will be able to choose their own viewpoint and will need to think of the reasons why they are either for or against the plans.
The children will be given spellings on Monday to learn for the test on Friday.


We will be focussing on mental addition and subtraction, decimal numbers, percentages and their equivalence to fractions. We will continue multiplication and division by 10, 100 and 1000.
The children will continue with times tables and divisions.


We will be going for a walk in the local area to observe, collect and classify living things. When we return we will be looking at the features of living things and their habitats.


We will continue our work on the early periods and the children will be using ICT to research their area of interest.


We are starting a project around a village in India called Chembakolli. we have already watched a video showing life for children in the village and they are very excited to learn more!
We will be locating India on a world map and locating Chembakolli on a map of India. This will be followed by looking at a map of Chembakolli and locating different features of the village.
The children will be writing about school life and looking at the differences and similarities between their own school experience and that of the children in Chembokolli.


Reading and writing key introductory phrases.


Drawing from observation - looking at the work of Leon Biss and drawing living things in detail.


The children will be researching living things and habitats and early civilisations and their legacies.

They will also complete the video recording of their adverts.


We will be looking at morality and understanding how we live our daily life according to our own set of morals.


I have asked the children to bring in books which are special to them. These books will be part of our RE lesson as we will be looking at sacred and holy texts.

We will be sharing our special books and explaining why they are special to us, where we keep them etc

I hope you have a restful weekend. See you all next week.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Happy Easter Holidays Everyone!

The children have worked so hard this term so I hope they all have a wonderful break.

I hope many of you were able to come and see our production of Pirates of the Curry Bean as the children performed so well and enjoyed it so much.

Please see pictures from dress rehearsal day:

We have been working on mathematical problems this week which has been quite challenging. The children can find the mathematical vocabulary difficult so we will continue to have weekly sessions working this way during maths lessons.
The children have created story boards for The Iron Man story.  They have created their own stories from the perspective of The Iron Man.
Summer Term
I will be looking forward to welcoming the children back after the Easter break.
Our plans for next term are;
We will be working on counting, partitioning, calculating, shape and data handling.
The planning for literacy is to read and write stories with themes, continue with persuasive writing and use poetry to build vocabulary.
Our 'Living Things and their Habitat's' project will continue next term and we will be taking advantage of the better weather by visiting local parks and woods to bring the topic to life.
We will be working on programming and control and will use ICT across the curriculum for reports, research and to find information. We will also be continuing our recording as the children perform poetry.
We will be creating shell structures.
Our creativity will be challenged by representations of people in action.
We will be looking at the achievements of early civilisations and studying timelines through to the present day.
Our topic for geography will be to learn about life in an Indian village.
We will be looking at our relationships and communication this term. We will also use the Jigsaw Scheme to study philosophy.
This term's P.E will be athletics, cricket and rounders.
I wish you all a happy holiday and look forward to seeing you again in the Summer term.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Week beginning 20th March 2017

Hello Everyone,

We have been busy rehearsing 'The Pirates of The Curry Bean' this week which the children are enjoying. I hope you have all ordered your tickets because the children will be putting on a spectacular performance!

We have been working on maths and literacy the rest of the week and have also completed our 'building and architecture' project.

There are two displays in the school which demonstrate the children's work. in the Reception area you will find the completed models of Little Heath's New Nursery designs. In the corridor we have displayed the processes we went through before designing our structures.

We were lucky to have Chris Davis (a trainee architect) come into school for a whole day and teach the children about architecture and building. The presentation was fantastic and the children carried out practical activities to follow each concept being delivered.

The day began with the children designing and making a structure out of newspaper and tape. The objective was to make it as tall as possible. This was followed by the construction of bridges and a variety of materials were used to demonstrate how secure they need to be in order to carry loads!

The final part of the day was a lesson around design and the children were given the opportunity to design the new nursery building.

The children enjoyed this day so much and were so enthusiastic that they asked me if they could take the project one step further and make models of their designs.

The photos above show how thrilled they were by the whole project and they learned so much from every aspect of it.

The children completed the project by typing reports which explain the process in greater detail. These are available to see on the wall display in the corridor, along with their design drawings and photos of the workshop day.

Next Week

Next week we will be performing The Pirates of the Curry Bean to the school and to parents and carers.

For the evening performance the children need to be back in school by 6pm to prepare for the performance.

We will be completing our literacy project 'The Iron Man' next week and will be revising the maths covered this term.

We will also be continuing our 'Living Things' project and will be sharing the work the children carried out at home.

The children will still have times tables and spellings next week which will be given on Monday to learn for Friday.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and look forward to see the children Monday.

Many thanks

Friday, 17 March 2017

Week beginning 13th March 2017

I hope you have all had a great week and the children have been returning home full of enthusiasm as we have begun rehearsals.

The children have been spending a lot of time learning songs, dances and lines for our production of 'The Pirates of the Curry Bean.'

We still had time to enjoy a history workshop on Tuesday, which the children thoroughly enjoyed. They learned about prehistoric animals and the fossils that have been left behind.

We also had our 'Animal Experience' this week which the children enjoyed. Every child had the opportunity to hold an animal and it was refreshing to note the lack of fear. Everyone held a creature and I have some amazing photos.

We will be following up this wonderful and informative experience by looking into the habitats of all the animals we saw and learning how they adapt to their environments.

Next Week

Next week will be our final week of rehearsals and will take up a lot of time. I will be working on maths and literacy during non-rehearsal sessions.

We will be working on various methods for subtraction and will be brushing up on our mathematical vocabulary.

We will complete our work on The Iron Man, finishing with a story board which we will use to write the story from the perspective of The Iron Man.

We will be continuing with PE and Music as usual.

Pirates of the Curry Bean

The letters have gone out requesting costumes. Thank you so much for your support with this. Many costumes have arrived in school in labelled plastic bags. If you are having difficulty finding the costume you have been asked to supply, please have a chat with me after school.

The letters for the tickets have also gone out, so choose the performance you would like to see and return the form as soon as possible.

I hope you have a pleasant and restful weekend

Y Davis

Friday, 10 March 2017

Week beginning 6th March 2017

Dear Parents,

We have had a busy week. The children have completed their design projects which were models of the new nursery building. Thank you so much for all the items you sent in as there was plenty to go around.

Some of the children have already begun rehearsals for our production of 'Pirates of The Curry Bean.'
The rehearsals will increase in number as we get nearer to the final production. We sent letters home today asking for your help with costumes. The children can look up the songs on You Tube and on the Year 5 blog there is further information regarding the production.

Here are some pictures from World Book Day which was last week. The children had a wonderful day and they were all able to tell the class about their books of choice and why they chose their characters.

Week Beginning 13th March 2017/Next Week's Subjects
We will be continuing our work on The Iron Man. This week they wrote diary entries, so this will be followed up with creating effective story openers and story boards.
We will also be beginning our persuasive writing which starts with advertising.
Please can the children bring in magazines from home as we will be looking at the power of advertising before we begin writing our own adverts.
Next week we will be working on subtraction and the various methods that can be used to subtract 4 digit numbers from 4 digit numbers. The children will be given the opportunity to choose a preferred method.
Thank you all for helping the children with their times tables and divisions. I have noticed a huge improvement since you have been using the cards with them.
We will be finding out more about the living things in our local area and the children will be choosing what they want to research.
On Thursday afternoon we are being visited by lots of wonderful creatures and we will be given information about their habitats so that we can compare them to the things we find in our local area. The children are very excited for this visit.
We also have another treat next week as the children will be taking part in a history workshop that is coming to school on Monday and Tuesday.
We are continuing to look at the importance of food in religions and will be focussing on The Gudwara and how there is a special room for communl meals within this place of worship.
We are all rehearsing for our school production and the songs are lively and fun!
The children will be creating documents on Living Things and their Habitats and we are currently using video to record poetry recitals. The children are learning how to load the video onto the computer and access it when they want to.
We will be working on speaking and writing short phrases of introduction.
I hope you all have a restful and happy weekend.

Friday, 3 March 2017

Week beginning 27th February 2017

We have had a fun and exciting week! Our trip to The British Museum was a huge success. The children were engaged and interested throughout the visit. They were fascinated by the mummies and bodies! The visit consolidated their prior knowledge and understanding.

The trip was also great fun!

We also celebrated World Book Day and the costumes were amazing! The children presented their characters to the rest of the class and explained why they chose their favourite books.

Next week I will post some photos from World Book Day.

Next Week's Plans


We will be continuing to focus on subtraction for the beginning of the week and the children will be solving problems and investigations that involve their chosen method of subtraction.
From Wednesday onwards we will be starting to work with time. We will be learning AM and PM and converting PM times to 24 hour clocks.
We will finally be working on perimeters of rectangles.


We will be finishing reading The Iron Man this week. This will be the focus for much of our literacy work. The children will be writing exciting story openers, describing settings that are portrayed in the book and creating a story board which re-tells the story in chunks.
We will also be working on producing paragraphs in our written work and looking at clauses.


We will be starting our project on 'Living Things and their Habitats' next week. the children are very excited about this topic.
We will be sorting living things into categories and learning about their characteristics.


We will be looking at time lines and using this in context with place value.


The children will be learning new Spanish greetings this week.

Religious Studies

We are continuing our focus on food within different religions and this week we will learn how Sikhs use communal meals as a focal point in their religion.


The children will be researching on a variety of sites for information on Living Things and their Habitats. They will be recording poetry recitals taking photographs of living things within our local area.


We are working on our personal goals and this week and next week the focus will be 'cooperation.'

Model Making

As part of our Design and Technology project we have been drawing plans to scale for the new nursery building. The children would like to extend this work by building a model of the building, using their design plans. Could the children bring in any appropriate resources to help us achieve our goal.

The children wrote a list of what they needed and it included:

Toilet roll holders
Plastic bottles
Yoghurt pots
Used matches
Pom poms
Pipe cleaners
Lolly sticks

Anything else that you feel would be useful.

Many thanks.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Yvette Davis


Friday, 24 February 2017

Week beginning 20th February 2017

We have had such a fun week!

On Wednesday Miss Davis' brother came to spend the day with us. He is in his final year as a trainee architect. He put a fantastic day on for the children! They had building challenges, bridge structuring and building design plans to carry out. The children learned so much and enjoyed every moment.

We have been thinking about the new nursery building plans and our focus for DT this term is planning, designing and building.
Here are a few pictures of our special day.

I hope the children told you all about it.
We will be following up from this by refining our designs of the new nursery building.

Next week


We will be starting to work with money using written and mental methods.
We will be working on place value and subtraction using written methods.

Thank you for working with your children on the times table cards I have been sending home. This method is definitely helping many of the children learn them.


We have been working from a poem taken from 'The Iron Man' and this week we will be reading the book and looking at different aspects of the story, writing, characters and style.

We will also continue our daily spellings activities and be working on using paragraphs in our written work.


We will be starting our 'Living Thing and their Habitats' project. We will be looking at the work the children carried out during the holiday and we will be grouping living things into categories.

We will be learning about the characteristics of living things.


we are all very excited about our trip to The British Museum next week. We will be studying in The Egyptian Gallery and this will be followed up in the classroom with more extensive research projects.


We will be continuing to work on conversation as the children are becoming more familiar with this each week.

DT and Art

We will be refining our nursery building designs and plans and thinking about materials for the designs


The children will be using digital media to record poetry recitals.


We will be looking at loss and change this week. I have several books that we will be working through. If anyone would like a book list please let me know.


We will be learning about the importance of food in different religions with our main focus on Christianity and Sikhism.

I hope you have a restful weekend.