Monday, 17 July 2017

Week beginning 1oth July

Hi Year Four,

I do apologise for the absence of last week's blog.
I am not quite sure what happened to it!
It was a wonderfully busy and fun week though. We all enjoyed talent night! The children had a fun party for Lily and they spent their pennies at The Apprentice Challenge.

We worked hard as well as having fun and completed our poems in Word. The whole class created a poem called 'The Magic Box' which is made up of each child's verse, so is a great memory for them. They will be bringing a copy home this week.

This week we will continue as usual, spellings and tables should still be learned and lessons will carry on, with end of term activities in between.

For maths we will be revising angles, lines, symmetry and shape.

In our literacy lessons we are going over fronted adverbials, writing a diary for a character in our class novel and finishing with a summary of their thoughts from Year Four.

We have a final Hindu story to share, which is Krishna and The Serpent King.

We will be drawing our favourite characters from the class novel and the children will continue with their Summer holiday patterns.

For Spanish this week we will be learning 'holiday vocabulary,' which may come in handy if any of you are visiting a Spanish speaking country!

We are looking forward to having fun this week as there are extra activities and shows to watch.

I will create another blog at the end of the week with some pictures from this Year Four!

Please can the children bring plastic bags to school on Friday as they will have a few things to take home.

many thanks
Ms Davis

Friday, 14 July 2017

Week beginning 10th July 2017

I do apologise but my blog was posted on Year Two's page by mistake. Please go to Year Two to see this week's blog for Year Four.

Miss Davis

Friday, 7 July 2017

Week beginning 3rd July 2017

We have had a hot and fun-packed week! We have been lucky to have Cara with us all week as she has been on 'work experience.'
On Wednesday we had great fun with our Anglo Saxon workshop!

The children had such a fun time at the workshop. They were able to have a battle, try on helmets and hold weapons. They created a story, learned about foods, raced by boat to Britain, experienced a funeral at sea.

 Next week

For maths we will be going over negative numbers and shapes and then continuing with multiplying.
 In literacy we will be starting a new book called Friend or Foe by Michael Morpurgo. We will be basing the next two weeks literacy work around this book as the children will be writing character descriptions, daily diaries and stating how they think the story may unfold
 For history and geography we will be writing a diary from the perspective of an Anglo Saxon.

For Art we will be looking at symmetry and creating patterns in black and white that are made up of symmetrical shapes.

We will be using word to type our Magic Box poem, which we created this week.

On Friday afternoon we will be having a little outdoor tea party for Lily.


Friday, 30 June 2017

Week beginning 26th June 2017

We have had a busy week! We have continued our work on poetry and the children really enjoyed adding sounds and actions to their recitals!
We will be continuing this theme as we write poems based on a 'school' theme.
For our art project we have been creating a jungle collage which is now displayed in the corridor. please go along and have a look, as the children worked hard to produce a variety of textures and materials to bring the jungle to life!
We spent an afternoon making electrical circuits and learning the symbols used when drawing diagrams of them. The children really enjoyed this lesson and there were buzzers and lights going off all afternoon!
I trust you all received the children's school reports for this academic year. If you would like to see me to discuss your child's report please catch me after school and we can make an appointment.

Next Week


We will be starting the week by multiplying 2-digit numbers by 11 and 12 and looking for patterns.
As the week progresses we will be using grids to multiply pairs of 2-digit numbers and dividing 2 and 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.


Poetry will be continued next week as we complete and read the poems we have written with the 'school' theme and move on to creating a class poem about a magic box!


The children will be completing their work on electricity by researching how it is used across the globe.


Humanities will be combined next week as we spend a day on our Anglo Saxon workshop! We are all very excited and know we will be learning so much as this topic is brought to life! I have sent letters home regarding the outfits for the day, which the children can wear to come into school. There is also a note regarding shields as we need cardboard donations.
I will be taking lots of photos which I will put on the blog next week!


We will be designing and making shields for our Anglo Saxon workshop. The children can choose a design of their choice to frighten off their enemies!


The children will be working in groups, having group conversations including all we have learned this year!


We will be continuing the theme of 'change' as we prepare for the changes that will be occurring in school life once this academic year is completed.

Have a restful and relaxing weekend and I look forward to seeing you all at the Summer Fayre tomorrow.

Friday, 23 June 2017

Week beginning 19th June 2017

As you are probably aware I was not at school for three of the days this week due to illness, but am glad to be back today!
The children enjoyed having other people teach them, especially Mrs Custis.
Sports day went ahead and I heard it was very successful.
The children have covered a lot of maths this week as they have worked on coordinates, line graphs, pictograms and bar charts.

The following will be covered next week;


The children will be multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers.
We will be finding non-unit fractions of amounts using 'chunking.'
Towards the end of the week we will be adding fractions with like denominators


We will be continuing to work on poetry next week and the children will be reciting poetry, looking at meanings in poems, discovering which poems appeal to them and why, planning their own poems and finally writing poems about school.


We will be looking at electrical symbols and circuits this week. the children will understand all the components needed for a circuit to work effectively and the following week they will be making their own.


This week it is the children's turn to put themselves in the shoes of an Anglo Saxon. They will be able to chose their own character. I am setting up a days workshop in school so the children get a more lifelike experience. More news about this will follow.


The children will be locating the countries, seas and counties on a UK map.


As we did not cover the festival and story of Holi this last week we will do so next week.


We will be re-visiting time next week. the children will be able to ask for and tell the time in Spanish.


It will be the final week for our jungle collage to be put together. It will be up in the corridor for the children to share with you.

I hope you all have a peaceful and restful weekend.

Friday, 16 June 2017

Week beginning 12th June 2017

The children thoroughly enjoyed the trip to Potters Bar Station and the ride on the train.
The day began with an assembly on rail safety so they were able to see the things that had been discussed earlier in the morning.
We travelled to Alexandra Palace and back and the children were full of enquiry as they asked many questions. The staff were really helpful and informative and the children now know how to keep safe when travelling by train and what to do if there is a difficulty during the journey.
We have also covered column subtraction in maths and have completed our discussion texts.
We have completed our wave patterns and they are available to view in the classroom.
The children began working on a jungle collage that will be on display in the corridor later this term.
I have given a brief description of what we will be covering next week.


We will be starting the week working on coordinates and direction. The children will be finding the coordinates of shapes and understanding shape translation. Towards the end of the week we will move on to data handling and working with bar charts, line graphs and pictograms.


We got a little behind this week so will be catching up with our work on explanation texts and moving on to poetry towards the end of the week.
We will be looking at the work of Allan Alhberg and his poetry book 'Heard It In The Playground.' The children will be reciting poems and recognising meanings and how poetry can affect us personally.


Please hold a Spanish conversation with your child. They have made such good progress. Next week we will be moving on to desserts and drinks. If you are going to a Spanish speaking country for your holiday this year it could be helpful!


The jungle collage will be progressing next week as the children use a variety of materials and ideas for this theme. They will be painting, using tissue and crepe paper and all the boxes that you kindly sent in.
Next week we will need newspapers or old magazines please as there will be a lot of paint in the classroom.


We will be learning about the Hindu festival Holi this week and why it is celebrated. we will hear the story of good conquering evil and how this relates to the Holi festival.


The children will be thinking about respect this week and focussing on how respectful they are to each others, to teachers and to other adults in the school.


The children will be having an e-safety discussion.


It is sports day on Thursday PM so I hope to see many of you there. We are expecting good weather so we should be able to hold it on the day and not have to wait until Friday which is the reserve day.

History and Geography

We will be working on maps this week and planning the route the Anglo-Saxons took to arrive in South England. We will be looking at The Kingdoms and noting how our counties are still named similarly. The children will also be locating countries and counties on a map of UK.

I hope you all have a restful weekend. I look forward to seeing you on Monday.

Friday, 9 June 2017

Week beginning 5th June 2017

The first week back has been full of fun!
We have started our new topics, looking at the history of electricity, why The Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain and exploring pattern in art.
We have also had some good news. The trip to Potters Bar Station that was cancelled before half-term will now be taking place on Thursday 15th June. Please ensure the children have comfortable footwear for the trip as we will be walking there and back.
Also next week we will be covering the following subjects:


Written addition and subtraction.
Solving written addition and subtraction of two 4-digit numbers, adding amounts of money, problem solving, using the 4 operations and using inverse operations to check answers.


Discussion and explanation texts.
We will be completing our work on a well-balanced argument in the form of a written text and moving on to recognising the key points of explanation and the features of an explanation text. The subjects involved will be glass bottle recycling, school uniform and hibernation. You could begin by discussing these at home, particularly your views on school uniform as this caused quite a heated classroom debate!


This week we will be learning the symbols used in electrical circuits.


Now we know why The Anglo-Saxons invaded Britain and where they came from we will move on to learn more about how they ruled  and grouped together to form kingdoms. The children will also be finding out about the battles that were fought and the threat of The Vikings.


We will be looking at a map of The UK and Europe again this week and the children will be asked to plan the routes that The Anglo-Saxons took, where they came from, what they were originally called and how they ended up being named the Anglo-Saxons.


We will be beginning to read some of the Hindu stories and this week we will start with Ramayana.


I am desperate for toilet roll holders!!! Please can you send as many in as possible next week as we will be beginning to create our 'jungle theme display' for the corridors. I would love to see the children create 3D animals so please send in cereal boxes, anything that is pliable so that we can create a really life-like jungle scene.


The children will be using search engines to research 'life in Anglo-Saxon times.'


We have been learning how to say what our favourite food and drink is and how to ask others. The children have learned the Spanish for many meals and desserts and we are beginning to engage in quite lengthy conversation in Spanish now.Try it out at home!

Travel Safety

the purpose of the assembly and trip to Potters Bar Train Station is for the children to become safety conscious when using the train travel service. It is an educational trip, but will also be lots of fun as we will be taking a short journey on a train!

Have a super weekend and I will see you all next week.