Friday, 20 April 2018

Week beginning Tuesday 17th April 2018

Hello Year Four,

It has been great to see the sun shine this week. The children have had a fantastic time playing outside and I have been made several beautiful daisy chains!

The children came back keen to learn and with a more mature approach as they recognise this is their last term in Year Four.

We have covered many subjects this week.

For maths we have been working on place value addition and subtraction. We also had a times table session and I am pleased to say that many children are making a huge effort to learn their tables and divisions. I have made packs of cards for them to take home and it is essential they practise these at home as often as possible.

For English we have started a new topic, looking at traditional tales, story patterns, story maps and plans. The children are really enjoying listening to and telling the familiar favourites and they have started a map and plan for their own stories which will be completed next week.

Our D and T project this term is food and nutrition and the children have been looking at the scientific aspect of cooking in conjunction with the design of food products. They worked in groups to produce pizza designs and next week they will be creating these. I was very pleased with how there cooperative and negotiating skills have developed which was evident when choosing pizza toppings!

The children are working well in PSHE and this is evident in their ability to support each other, be more understanding and empathise with each other. We do work on this on a regular basis and progress is being made.

Next week we will be continuing to write, edit and improve our traditional tales in English lessons.

 The children are extremely excited to create their delicious pizzas. We will be learning about food hygiene and putting this into practice when we cook.

We will begin working with decimal numbers in maths and have a times tables and division test on Friday.

Our topic for geography this half term is to explore a village in India. We will be making comparisons, noting differences and similarities and understanding a different culture.

For history we will be looking at timelines and the children will create a power point on a period of choice. For RE we will be working on the literature in religion and the different forms of scriptures and holy writings there are.

For ICT we will be sending an email and creating a power point. We will be looking at websites and how they are created. We will also focus on staying safe through social media.

For Science we will be learning about sound and how it travels.

I will post the home learning project next week, when we have had more time to decide on what we will be producing.

Many thanks

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Week beginning 26th March 2018

Hello Year Four,

What a busy week! Well done to all of you for the wonderful performance of 'What a Knight.' The children really enjoyed rehearsing and performing the play. It was great fun!

We have been working on multiplication this week. The children completed a multiplication challenge and they are becoming more familiar with their tables now. Please ensure they spend time in the holidays learning them as it makes a huge difference to their learning in many aspects of maths.

Miss Davis has been with us for the last couple of weeks and she has shown the children many new maths games and has been taking the class in the mornings. She has worked on letter writing with the children and they are learning how to construct paragraphs effectively. She also carried out our design and technology project today, as they made 'shaduts'  which are constructions the ancient Egyptians used to draw water from the River Nile.

We had a fun-packed final day, making cakes, creating our egg designs and making cards.

Have a wonderful Easter break and I look forward to seeing you all on April 17th 2018

Ms Davis

Friday, 23 March 2018

week beginning 19th March 2018

Hello Everyone,

We have had such a busy week! The children really enjoyed today's sports relief activities. They all took part and had great fun!

We have been busy rehearsing and have our dress rehearsal on Monday. I know you will enjoy the performance so hope to see you either  Tuesday or Wednesday.

We have been working on the grid and ladder methods of multiplying 3-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers this week.

For English, the children created an advertisement for a bar of chocolate as we are working on persuasive writing. They also had a debate as to whether or not they thought they should have to wear school uniform. The result was surprisingly in favour of keeping a uniform. They followed this piece of work by writing a letter of persuasion to Mrs Custis, either in favour of keeping a uniform or wearing their own clothes to school.

As we are studying the news in geography lessons, the children have been watching news clips and writing reports.

Next week will also be busy as we will be performing the play to three audiences. We also plan to complete our work on ancient Egypt by making a shadut in design and technology. We will continue with our maths scheme on multiplication and division and finish the book we have been reading as a class. They will be completing a comprehension activity based on the story. Towards the end of the week we will be decorating eggs for the competition and making Easter cards. The children will also be told the Easter story which they will role play in groups and record their work.

I hope you have a restful weekend. The children are very tired after all the activities.

Ms Davis

Thursday, 22 March 2018

What a Knight

Hi Parents and Carers,

As you are aware our production of 'What a Knight' is coming up shortly and we need to have all the costumes in school for dress rehearsals. The children that are singing need to be in black, so black trousers and tops please. Could the children bring them in named plastic bags.

Many thanks

Monday, 19 March 2018

What a Knight

Hello parents and carers,

We only have a few days left until our dress rehearsal. I am posting costume ideas as some of the children are not sure what they are supposed to wear.

This is the squire's costume. If you need any help please let me know.

Friday, 16 March 2018

week beginning March 12th 2018

Hello Year 4,

We have had a really busy week. As well as our usual lessons we have been rehearsing our production of 'What a Knight.' Eight girls from Year 4 are performing a dance for the show and have been rehearsing on a daily basis as there are lots of moves to remember and perfect! I have provided them with yellow t-shirts, but am asking them to bring in jeans (denim blue) and a yellow bandanna. They will need to week comfortable shoes to dance in. If you need to speak to me with regard to this please come and see me after school.

We have been learning how to read, write, order and compare 4 and 5-digit numbers and how to count backwards through negative numbers.
Each child was tested individually on their tables and divisions and I am so pleased to see that they are making progress with this.
The children have written their own story endings for The Iron Man story and learned how to recognise and use subordinate clauses in their writing.

Next Week

We will be working on multiplication of 2-digit numbers with 1-digit numbers and looking at patterns in multiplication. We will be moving on to division by the end of the week.

The children will be beginning a new English topic on persuasive writing next week. This will begin with a class debate regarding the use of the land in the local area and will conclude with a letter to the local authority. They will be looking at advertising and how the media uses persuasive techniques.

We will be rehearsing as it will be the final week before the performance.

It is sports relief week and Year 4 need to bring their wheels in on Monday 19th March as they will be given the opportunity to use them in the afternoon.

I hope you have a restful weekend.

Ms Davis

Friday, 9 March 2018

Week beginning 3rd March 2018

Hello Year 4,

I asked the children what they had learned this week and it was great to hear that they had remembered everything we had covered. They could tell me immediately which lessons were their favourites and the most popular was a story opening. I was very impressed by their writing for this topic.

We wrote story openers for any story, but some children focussed on the book we have been reading, The Iron Man. We will be finishing this story today with sadness as it has been a real favourite.

We wrote news reports for geography. This is the second time the children have completed this task and there was a significant improvement in the outcome.

We learned about the water cycle and I was surprised how quickly they picked this up. Please ask your children to describe the three phases of the cycle.

We have learned how to subtract from 2 to 6-digit numbers. We focussed on perimeters and areas of rectangular shapes, which we will complete on Monday.

Many children are moving rapidly up the time table chart which is great. Please ensure the children carry this out at home as they have all been given cards to use.

Today we drew self portraits in art and had some real fun with this.

On Wednesday some of the children presented some work they have been carrying out in English. I would like to share the photos of this.

The children were so proud of their work !
We will be completing our work on perimeters and areas of rectangular shapes. We will be having a real blitz on tables and number bonds.
Our topic will be reading, writing and comparing 4-digit numbers, 100, 1000 more and less than 4-digit numbers and by the end of the week we will be working on negative numbers.
We will be working on story endings this week. we will complete The Iron Man story and then our focus will be persuasive writing, which will include a debate and planning a letter to the local authority!
The rest of the week we will be rehearsing for the school production. Please start to get outfits together. We have 3 pairs of beige trousers for squires that have kindly been lent to us. The dancers already have yellow t-shirts and will need to wear jeans (denim/blue colour) and trainers or pumps.
Please ensure the children bring their costumes in named bags.
The letters for tickets have also gone out, so please let me know if you have not received one.
I hope you have a great weekend and look forward to seeing you all next week.